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Friday, July 25, 2008

Can you solve... The Mystery of the Tandoori Grill Spammers?

In case you've missed it, we've had a lively discussion going on in the Tandoori Grill Post. I've gotten a bit tired of it, but I think we can still have some fun with it by turning it into a mystery. Put on your detective hats fellow bloggers! Post your theories and hypothesis in the comments for that post -- we have over 40 comments so far, and lots of evidence.

We've got a few interesting characters (maybe they're the same person), and a few mysteries to solve:
Who is flooding our blog with grammatically incorrect reviews of Tandoori Grill?
Are Beautiful Southern Arizona (BSA) and Tandoori Grill the same people?
Who is 'matthew' and what does he REALLY do?

I don't really know what the whole story is, so we may never know the real truth. Get your blog readers to chime in! We might as well get some new friends out of this whole shindig. I started Google Analytics on the post yesterday afternoon, so when we're all done I'll post the map global visits, as well as and the best hypothesis.

If that's not enough to get you excited, I'll even make it a contest. I'll try to come up with a cool prize for the most exciting, interesting, elaborate explanation of who's who, and what the motives of each player are. I suppose the awesomeness of the prize probably depends on the awesomeness of the explanation, so have fun, and go crazy. I know we have some creative readers -- show us what you've got!

Not to interrupt the counter-troll war

down in the Tandoori Grill post, but I saw this over at The Glory of the Present. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Go take a look.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Memory Game

This is a cool idea:
Leave a memory you have involving one of us-- doesn't matter if it's me, James, or Will-- in the comments. Doesn't have to be anything momentous or anything, just whatever you like. One of us will do the same for you (but probably not Will). I've done Amanda and Tiffany so far...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Don't eat at Tandoori Grill? (EDIT: They seem to have improved!)

Restaurant Review
Tandoori Grill- Indian Cuisine
(801) 769-8850
465 South University Ave., Provo, UT 84601

EDIT: This post got a lot of attention! For those of you coming in from Google, I'll note that the Tandoori Grill has had some good reviews recently from the local newspaper, and we've got actual people (in addition to our faithful spammers) reporting positive experiences in the comments. So go try it out for yourself! I've always been willing to admit we just had a bad experience, and I love to see good restaurants succeed!

And, for your entertainment, weigh your opinions of the following spam-war at Can you solve... The Mystery of the Tandoori Grill Spammers?

A new Indian restaurant opened in Provo last week-- stay away! I enjoy Indian food, but Tandoori Grill is the worst Indian I've ever had, and probably the worst food I've put in my mouth in years.

I tried three entrees from their buffet: chicken curry, chicken tikka masala, and beef curry (often not served in Indian restaurants). The chicken curry was very bad, but not as bad as the tikka masala (which left a horrid, gunky aftertaste) or the beef curry (nearly tasteless, as if someone used cheap beef and forgot to add any spices). The tandoori chicken looked unappetizing-- ordinary baked chicken with a bit of spices, lacking the yogurt and spice covering or distinctive red coloring common to tandoori chicken (usually only dye, but part of the presentation).

If you're looking for good Indian food, try the excellent India Palace on Center street instead, or the more expensive Bombay House on University.

Monday, July 07, 2008

New blog!

My friend Eowyn (not her real name, but really cool all the same) has started a politics blog. It's some pretty smart stuff (and she even quoted me!), so if you're interested, go and take a look at The Glory of the Present. If you like it, she appreciates all links, as she's just getting it off the ground. And she says to thank Cara for giving her the idea for the title (she likes to look at the book club posts:)).