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Thursday, August 09, 2012


So.  I've decided that I'm sick of trying to use things that other people make that don't fit.  I'm a big girl-- and dresses for girls over 5'6" are hard to come by.  So far, I've made two dresses, both of which fit beautifully, if I do say so myself.  Next project:  fingerless gloves.  I've already begged Mrs. Brooke, who is my bestie (not counting James :) ), to make me a pair, which she has graciously agreed to.  One pair, however, ain't gonna cut.  I only have so many knitting friends, they only have so much time (and time for me, no less!), and my fingers do not seem to like the feel of knitting.  One day, I'm hopeful that they'll get over their hang-up, but it is not this day.  So I started poking round the interwebs and found some cute little sewn gloves.  So I'll clone them.  And I borrowed one of those knitting looms from a woman in my Ward (thanks Marcia!) to make my self a couple cowls and hats with (who knew that tall girls have tall heads?).  And I'll make myself a few warm dresses.  I'm so done being cold-- especially as it has medical consequences.  This winter will find me prepared-- and I'll have done it myself.  There's something immensely satisfying about that, even in... whatever the opposite of retrospect is.  Forespect?