See, this is what happens when two nerds get married and have little boys.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Welcome back to me!

Sorry guys.
In our defense, I will say that the past three months have been absolutely insane. Our transmission blew up, we bought a new car, Will and I got the stomach flu, James got food poisoning, Will got three new teeth, we went on vacation... I'm sure that there a couple other things in there too.

So anyway, here's the updates:
Congratulations to Matt and Kylie! They have a new little boy named Jonah.
Congratulations to Eddie and Andrea! They have a new little boy named Thomas.
Congratulations to Mike and Cara! They're having a little one in February (my bet is a boy).
Congratulations to Adam and Amanda! They're having a little one in December AND they survived having James and me over for a week!

Yep, we went to California on vacation. Let the pictures commence!
First stop: Monterey Bay Aquarium. I've wanted to go to this place since I was 10 years old folks. Cool stuff:

You wouldn't think that jellyfish would be so photogenic, would you? The MBA has tons (literally) of cool stuff-- sea and river otters, penguins, frogs, seahorses, sharks, and these wonderful touch tables-- you can pet urchins (SOFTLY), starfish, and various other invertebrates. They have one pool where you can pet stingrays. They feel wonderful-- not scaly like you'd think, but like very thick, short, wet velvet on a rubber backing.
After the aquarium we drove down the beach a bit and visited tide pools and this place called Moss Landing. Wonderful sand and waves, plus these little critters called sand crabs that you can dig up if you follow a wave.

We also went to Yosemite National Park. It's gorgeous! Here's a few pictures to prove it (also to prove that I did in fact swim in Yosemite--scratch that, Merced-- River):

A couple pictures of Will to finish things off. Oh, for those who are wondering, there aren't pictures of James because he took them all:)-- except these pictures of Will. I'll claim credit for those:)