See, this is what happens when two nerds get married and have little boys.

Monday, February 28, 2011

To all our splendiferous commenters

I didn't realize that comment moderation was turned on:). All your comments are now posted-- and we really appreciate them. We'll respond in the original postings. And, apropos of nothing, we discovered tonight that the BEST canned tomatoes for pasta are sold at the Cash & Carry in Everett. Not too sweet, not too acidic-- makes for perfect sausage spaghetti.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boys and Girls

Will is friends with some 5 year old twin girls who live nearby. They came to play today. When they found Will's nerf guns, they wanted to play with them-- but couldn't figure out how to hold the guns! Ah, testosterone:)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fancy-Schmancy cake

I made this for Will's friend Ashley's birthday. Ignore the awful mess in my kitchen that you can see behind it. No one ever said cake-making was a pretty business!

The top is blank so they could put candles up there. What do you think?

Random kid pics

Without further ado:

Ethan's a happy little dude when he's not rampaging.

If you're wondering what Will is so busy making,it's one of these.

Making a new table

Phase 1
Thanks to Victor Barranco for the turn-a-hardwood-floor-into-a-table idea. We bought 42 square feet of Brazilian Koa (also called tigerwood) flooring that is about to become our dining room table. Our old one is cracked an falling apart. Sometime soon, when you come to our house for gastronomic experimentation, you won't have to worry about the table falling out from under your plate.
In case anyone is wondering what the square hole is, that's from when we were still contemplating inlaying tiles for place-settings.

Zombie blog

is back from the dead, with a new name and new drive. Expect to see a lot of pictures of projects that James, Will, Ethan, and I have going on, along with links to stuff we're looking at, doing, thinking about, along with the occasional run-of-the-mill post. And with that, let blogging commence!