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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So, my sweet little baby has recently moved his wake-up time: from 7-7:30 back to 6, 6:30, back to 5:30. Stinks for me. So as I was changing is diaper this morning, thinking, "What next, 4:30?" this thought popped into my head. Actually, it was a page from a book I'd read when we were trying to teach him to sleep at all (by Dr. Ferber. GREAT BOOK.). On said page was a table showing how much sleep a case study baby was getting. Her parents said she wasn't sleeping enough at night, but when you looked at the table, you saw that the baby was getting 15-16 hours of sleep in one day and night... she was just napping a lot. She didn't need to sleep any more than she was at night.
And the light comes on! Will naps really well. It used to be that he'd nap two times a day, maybe three if he'd had a rough day. But lately (say, since the whole move-back thing started) he's been doing 3 or 4 naps a day. And they've been good long naps too.
You know, you'd think this would have occurred to me earlier. Just goes to show what the humility brought on by sleep deprivation can do for you!

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