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Friday, July 27, 2007

Welcome back to me!

Sorry guys.
In our defense, I will say that the past three months have been absolutely insane. Our transmission blew up, we bought a new car, Will and I got the stomach flu, James got food poisoning, Will got three new teeth, we went on vacation... I'm sure that there a couple other things in there too.

So anyway, here's the updates:
Congratulations to Matt and Kylie! They have a new little boy named Jonah.
Congratulations to Eddie and Andrea! They have a new little boy named Thomas.
Congratulations to Mike and Cara! They're having a little one in February (my bet is a boy).
Congratulations to Adam and Amanda! They're having a little one in December AND they survived having James and me over for a week!

Yep, we went to California on vacation. Let the pictures commence!
First stop: Monterey Bay Aquarium. I've wanted to go to this place since I was 10 years old folks. Cool stuff:

You wouldn't think that jellyfish would be so photogenic, would you? The MBA has tons (literally) of cool stuff-- sea and river otters, penguins, frogs, seahorses, sharks, and these wonderful touch tables-- you can pet urchins (SOFTLY), starfish, and various other invertebrates. They have one pool where you can pet stingrays. They feel wonderful-- not scaly like you'd think, but like very thick, short, wet velvet on a rubber backing.
After the aquarium we drove down the beach a bit and visited tide pools and this place called Moss Landing. Wonderful sand and waves, plus these little critters called sand crabs that you can dig up if you follow a wave.

We also went to Yosemite National Park. It's gorgeous! Here's a few pictures to prove it (also to prove that I did in fact swim in Yosemite--scratch that, Merced-- River):

A couple pictures of Will to finish things off. Oh, for those who are wondering, there aren't pictures of James because he took them all:)-- except these pictures of Will. I'll claim credit for those:)


Amanda and Adam Walsh said...

You swam in the Merced River silly, not the YosemitE :) How are you?

Andrea said...

Yea! I'm glad you finally posted some pics of your vacation. I'm so jealous! How was your first time at the beach Denise? Cute pics of the little guy too! We miss you guys!