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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Best music choice EVER

Shortly after 9/11, the military band that plays at Buckingham Palace played "The Stars and Stripes" (I believe they usually play "God Save the Queen"). Yesterday, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia arrived at the Palace to meet the Queen.
A little background might be in order here: A scandal involving the books for sale in many British mosques has recently erupted. The books are terrible-- calling for the gruesome death of homosexuals, among other ghastly things. And guess who funds these mosques and sends these books? The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Not just some random Saudi guy, but the actual government. If I remember correctly, these Wahhabi sects produced the terrorists who set off the bombs in July of 2005.
Anyway, the king of Saudi Arabia showed up at Buckingham Palace, with the Queen and the military band there to greet him. And what did the band play?
"The Imperial March", from Star Wars. Darth Vader's theme.
MAN I love the military!! Watch the video:

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