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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So, John McCain won Florida. Florida's a winner-take-all state (for Republicans, at least; I don't know about Democrats), so he's now in the lead as far as the delegate count goes.
I suppose I could live with McCain (although, Senator, if you want to keep any ideological conservatives on your side at all, use your common sense and do not tag Huckabee for VP). He's not conservative on taxes. Or illegal immigration. Or... lots of things.
A McCain-Huckabee ticket isn't enough to make me not vote, much less vote Democrat. But it's enough to make one cringe in the voting booth, is it not?
This has not been an enjoyable race so far. Reagan's commandment was broken from the get-go. Huckabee was (and is) plainly disgusting and calculating. The only enjoyable things I can remember are Thompson smacking down debate moderators and watching the Clintons self-destruct, and that's saying a lot for a politics junkie. Oh, and Ron Paul. The man has no shot at the nomination, but he's been nothing if not fun to watch.
Oh, how glad I will be when the nomination has been decided-- on both sides. Then at least it's a clean fight, without all the hypocrisy that inevitably besets the primary season. Candidates go for the jugular within their own parties and trash each other-- right up until they concede the race and start angling for VP, at which point they can't say enough good about whomever they believe to have the best shot at getting them some sort of office in the West Wing.
Can you tell I'm fed up?

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Mrs. Brooke said...

I'm tired of it too. It's a nail-biting event and it looks like the idiots are deciding the results. Never good for the stress levels.