See, this is what happens when two nerds get married and have little boys.

Monday, May 26, 2008

You know you're a true nerd...

when your wife asks what type of pillows to make, and you tell her any part of the Mandelbrot set will do nicely.

You know SHE'S a nerd when she considers actually doing it (but settles on the Heighway Dragon curve instead).

Edit: Cara, if you're looking for a challenge -- an epic quest to prove that a former cheerleader can truly become a nerd -- incorporating the Mandelbrot set into your next craft will surely suffice!


Andrea said...

Oh wow, I read the definitions of what those two things are and I didn't understand it. You guys aren't nerds, you're just know more useless information than the average joe. :) Just kidding! You're the coolest nerds we know!

James said...

Hey, I'm not the one who said fractals ( were useful -- the first one to think that was probably God, when He made things like Romanesco Broccoli (

Mrs. Brooke said...

Hey...I was a nerd WAY before I was a cheerleader. (And is that some suggestion that cheerleaders can't be nerds...or, say, smart?!?!)

I love it that I have friends that consider nerdiness something that is totally cool. We're total nerds...we have competitions over who's nerdier. I think we're the nerds of the nerd world.

And no, I'm not going to incorporate fractals into my crafts. I spend too much time thinking about crafts, I don't need to go about throwing math and stuff in there as well. (I am, after all, just a simple housewife...) Figuring out quilting dimensions is quite enough for my post-partum and sleep deprived brain at the moment.

I am smart. Es em are tee.

Shelly said...

Hmmmmm have to agree.... both nerds but such lovable ones!!!

Amanda and Adam Walsh said...

What shocks me is that this isn't a are seriously going to make pillows related to those crazy words that I have no idea what mean. Crazy you.