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Friday, October 17, 2008

We need to post more often, eh?

As soon as I get over this cold / flu our family has, we'll post some good stuff. Until then, we're all a bit out of it. There are some interesting side effects of this bug, though.

Congestion is pushing on my eyes and ears, so if I cough, the increased pressure makes my vision get clouded and blurry. One side of my hearing is delayed a fraction of a second, detuned, and spatially unresolvable (like headphones playing an out-of-tune echo, or two audio tracks slightly out of sync). The upshot (?) of this is that now kids tv show theme songs sound pretty interesting -- like some demented, evil robot clown is performing the theme with a distortion pedal.


Amanda and Adam Walsh said...

I'm pretty sure you're not sick anymore. Pretty dern sure.

James said...

Actually... The doctor just put me on a second, $200 antibiotic Tuesday, after the last one wasn't quite strong enough to take out the combined sinus + ear infection. Yay for insurance!

However, that's no excuse for not posting, and you have my deepest apologies. I will make it up to you both by offering 1 (one) FREE night of dinner and gaming with Adam's new machine.