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Thursday, May 21, 2009

You asked for it

Mrs. Brooke asked for a pregnant picture of me... are you SURE you want to do that?? 'Cause I didn't think I was that big, but looking at these pictures makes me think that I must be producing my own gravity well.


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THE DUFFS said...

I love the pregnancy pics. They are SO cute, I have never seen beach ones like that, I love them, I wish I could take pictures like that. Good luck with everything!

Denise said...

Hey, thanks! I still think I look gigantic, but those are some of the best belly shot pics I've seen done. You should see some of the ones he got of just the beach (James took all of these). Come to think of it, you WILL see some-- I'll get James to pick a few and post them.

Mrs. Brooke said...

LOVE IT! Oh my goodness, those ocean shots with you are gorgeous...if it wasn't completely weird, I'd put them up in my own home because they're beautiful. :)

Sorry I missed your call last night...we were having a complete meltdown from every single child in this house at that moment. Didn't want to destroy your eardrums by answering the phone. ;)

Shelly said...

You aren't that big, or should I say wasn't ;) and they are beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting them

Mindy said...

WOW!! Gorgeous shots of you pregnant!! Those are priceless!! Beautiful with the sun in the background!