See, this is what happens when two nerds get married and have little boys.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random kid pics

Without further ado:

Ethan's a happy little dude when he's not rampaging.

If you're wondering what Will is so busy making,it's one of these.


Shelly said...

Rampage.. Ethan isn't a rampager..he's a sweetheart! Go Will. Make those prehistoric (I assume) bugs!

Kristen said...

Cute kids! It's been forever since I've seen you guys! We need another family reunion!

Denise said...

I'm voting for family reunions being held in Seattle from henceforth:).

Amanda Walsh said...

But then we don't have an excuse to go see everyone in Utah!

Denise said...

No, they just have an excuse to come see us:) Although I wouldn't mind going some place hot at this point. I've been daydreaming about Moab.