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Friday, August 18, 2006

Here goes...

I suppose this is more of a test entry than anything (I was getting sick of having a blog with nothing on it). So-- welcome to our blog! (This is Denise typing.) James is sick with the mother of all colds, I'm STILL pregnant (four days overdue and counting), and about every 2 hours or so we get another phone call asking if I've had the baby yet:). That is the only news-- James has been too out of it and I've been too whale-shaped to do anything. So, sorry to those of you were hoping for better news (we were too!), and we'll post when Junior finally decides to make his appearance. Talk to you later!

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Eddie & Andrea said...

Oh man! I can't believe you're still pregnant. Sorry about James getting sick...sheesh...not the best timing. Wow, we're pulling for you guys. Can't wait for little Will to get here! We hope all of your misery subsides soon! James - too much ultra-loud heavy metal? :)