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Friday, April 13, 2007

Audio heaven...

I've piled on the hours the past couple of weeks, despite being a bit sick and having some late night projects, so Denise and I could have some spending cash. We've already got cool stuff, so it's not like we needed it. But I figured hey, lets have some fun. It's much more motivating working extra when you know you're working for something. We decided that extra time gets put 33% to savings, 33% to me, and 33% to Denise. Sorry Will.

So anyway, I now have a pair of AS-B2s in my living room. They're bookshelf speakers, being discontinued so on the uber cheap. Normally bookshelf speakers means "something you'd put on a bookshelf"... in this case, it turns out to mean "the size of a small bookshelf." They're huge. And gorgeous. They are timbre matched to our other speakers, so surround sound is still great. I'll post pics later.

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