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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Best Defense is a Good Offense, etc.

Willex has a walker (yes, I know that you're supposed to avoid them like the plague, that they don't develop the proper muscles, etc., but a) we don't have any stairs, and b) he likes it). James plays a game with him where he (James) sneaks up on Will (in his walker). Sneak probably isn't the right word, as James is usually out where Will can see him and get excited... what is the word... stalk! James stalks toward him-- it always reminds me of the raptors-in-the-kitchen scene from Jurassic Park. Anyway, Will used to see him coming and would try to back away (his little feet scrabbling madly while he laughed hysterically), but he could never get away fast enough. So he's now formulated an offense. As soon as he sees James coming, he charges him (full speed ahead!) with his walker. Stinkin' hilarious. I wish I had a video camera so you guys could see. He gets this excited look, and then off he goes. He also figured out how to say "Dada" today. And he likes pizza crust. A lot!
Anyway, I've got a few pictures for you. Yay for macro!


Amanda and Adam Walsh said...

OoooOOo So pretty (The pictures). Okay, that's hilarious about Will. You should just go over to DI and pick up some archaic Video Camera so that you can tape it. It's funny. Well, love you. Take care and I hope you get "it" working soon.

Amanda and Adam Walsh said...

I steal you picture. I put on Website.