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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Grad school and other random thoughts

Well, we're two days into James' grad school experience, and he's exhausted. I can't say that I blame him-- I would've hated going back to school eight months after I graduated. He doesn't even mind the classes-- it's the inevitable jumping through hoops that bother him. Still, at least it'll all be over just over a year from now. Then we get to start living "real life"-- whatever that means. It'll sure be nice to be done with school though. I'll admit, it's a little disheartening-- after this semester, Mike and Cara are done, Adam and Amanda are done, Austin and Andrea are done, Bre's done, Rob and Kathryn will be off to med school (VERY not done), and Eddie and Andrea have been done. Dan and Cindy are in Salt Lake. And then there's us. Really, who'll be left? Danny will finish in December, and then he and Bre are gone... Matt and Kylee will still be here, but that's about it. Scary thought. James and I have so many great friends... it's a sad thought that we're all getting scattered across the country. The idea of having to build more relationships that even approach the closeness of the ones we have is staggering. And it's not like our friends are replaceable... part of the pain of being decent human beings is missing people, I guess. And I sure hope I'm a decent human being.:)
Boy, this is a cheery post so far,eh? Time for happier stuff, or at least stuff that's not so utterly gloomy:
Will is getting really good at rolling over, not to mention somehow squirming himself halfway across the room. Heaven help me when that boy learns to crawl. I've learned today that he HATES Gerber's peaches and bananas. As in uncompromising, undisguised, loathing. I would have paid to have the camera handy when he first tried those bananas.
President Bush is giving "The Speech" tomorrow. I think the concept of a surge is a good idea, but I read somewhere today that he has a timetable for handing security over to the Iraqis. If it's a goal, then all is well and good. If it's a deadline, which amounts to the same thing as a "phased redeployment" (read, "retreat"), then the cowards in Iraq and the appeasers here have won. What we're currently doing could obviously use some change... I just hope it works.
That wasn't cheery either, was it? Hmm...
James has found a setup for speakers that doesn't require having three phone books stacked on top of the subwoofer.
I CAN NOT find the remote control to our DVD player. The monster that steals socks from the dryer is apparently branching out.
Will likes Wallace and Gromit.
This post is forever long. I'll post some pictures of Will later, but good evening for now.
Oh, word of the day: verbose. See loquacious:).

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