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Thursday, January 25, 2007


All three of us are sick. Will started it-- he started in with a cold last Friday, which he promptly gave to James and me. Then Will's cold (helped along by the inversion that's been hovering over Provo for the past two weeks) degenerated into asthma AND croup. Lovely. So we're all hacking and coughing our way through this week. At least Will's a happy sickie though-- it doesn't seem to bother him. He just wheezes and smiles at the same time. I wish I could say the same for me:). It wouldn't be so bad if Will wasn't one of those babies who turn into insomniacs when they're sick. But oh well. We're all beginning to mend, it's just going slow. We can survive, right?
Anyway, moving onward. I'm actually quite proud of myself this week. There's a new book out, called The Enemy at Home, by a man named Dinesh D'souza. It's been kicking up a lot of dust around the conservative blogosphere. I read an interview the author did with National Review. Frankly, the entire premise of the book disgusts me. His thesis is that liberalism and the American Left are at least partiallyto blame for 9/11, and that if American morals were more, well, moral, then we wouldn't be a target for terrorism. He blames the atrocities at Abu Ghraib on liberals/liberalism. The whole book seems to be appeasement fodder, not to mention equating Americans (albeit amoral ones) with terrorists. Anyway, long story short, I put a review on Amazon (which normally I wouldn't do without having read the book)... and people liked it. Or at least one guy who describes himself as a liberal "applauded my good sense and courage". Sorry for blowing my own horn-- but I do think it's cool:).

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