See, this is what happens when two nerds get married and have little boys.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I had this really bizarre dream last night. I woke up scared to death... but you'll laugh.
I dreamed that I was still single, and living in a boarding school for college students (not a dorm-- the people who lived with me in this place were the only students). And all this stuff was going on that I was supposed to help with, but I kept getting distracted, or forgetting, or coming up with excuses, and not doing anything that I was supposed to. People were disgusted with me. And when I tried to change nobody believed me. I think it comes from lingering guilt from not being able to take food to ward parties. Sigh. But when your baby's bed time is at 7:30, and the party starts at 7:00, I just can't bring food. I can't even go to the party! If only I would remember that when they send the sign-up sheets around...
Moving on... Eddie and Andrea are having a boy!! I'm so excited for them. Boys are cool, dude!!
Speaking of little boys, Will is coming along. He's learned to push himself up on his arms when laying on his stomach (he looks like he's doing baby push-ups), and when I went to get him up yesterday, he had his knees pulled up under him. That boy will be crawling before too long. He's also figured out how to grab the bar on his swing and stop himself. A 20-pound baby swinging on high generates a good bit of momentum, so I'm proud of my buff little baby. And he's learning to give high fives.
James gave me these two awesome books for Valentines day: A Blessing of Bread and More Words You Should Know: 1500 More Words Every Educated Person Should be Able to Use and Define. Both books are great fun. The bread book is a cookbook for Jewish bread (challah!!), and the word book is self-explanatory. So far I've known most of the words, although I finally learned what the heck absinthe is, and I didn't know that abominate (think abomination) was actually used as a verb. Word of the day: acme (yes, it is a real word outside of Wiley Coyote cartoons).


Alan said...

I'm sure your juxtaposition of absinthe and abominate is accidental and purely alphabetical!!

If you should ever want to know more about absinthe, let me know. Lovers of REAL absinthe think it's adorable and only wished it could be more abundant!

Denise said...

You are correct, sir! Absinthe and abominate are on the same page:)