See, this is what happens when two nerds get married and have little boys.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gadzooks! I've been turned into a Zombified Mutant Morning Coder!

Sorry to have to one-up Denise on the nerdality scale, but I just finished a coding project (at 4am) and caught a minimal amount of sleep. I enjoyed the project, too, despite the fact that I started work at 9am yesterday, took an hour lunch break and an hour dinner break and coded the rest of the day. Four hours of "pay me next week" work and 13 hours of "I sure hope this pays off in a couple years when I'm done with grad school" work. I was training a neural net.

I slept as long as I could after that -- until Will's "If you're happy and you know it" Plush Monkey of Incessant Electronic Noise(tm) summoned me to wakefulness. If you can call my current state wakeful, that is. I need a haircut (badly) and my eyes can't decide if they're going to crawl off my face and slowly roll their way back into bed. (That would be a bad idea, by the way, since Will would probably find them and try to chew on them.)

And Denise just notified me that she has a really bad stomachache. Whoo hoo! An Undead coder with a "feeling nearly-dead" wife! So I'm off to finish a couple other assignments and keep Will from screaming. Or chewing on my eyes, which I think are halfway down the hallway already.

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Mrs. Brooke said...

You know James, I sometimes think that you missed your calling in life to be a columnist or something of that nature. I hope you're all feeling a little more chipper throughout the day...keep tabs on your eyes.