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Sunday, November 04, 2007

This one's for you, Mitch

Lest people think I only slam Hillary and Saudi kings:
John McCain says that his Republican rivals aren't as qualified to be president during war because they have no military experience.
Now I'm the last person to say that military experience isn't a bonus. But please do correct me if the Constitution doesn't specifically state that military service is NOT a prerequisite to the presidency, and that, in fact, being an active-duty service member is the only job that one must retire from before running for the presidency.
For someone who's supposed to be working on a rebound, this wasn't the smartest move. Especially not coinciding with Musharraf's possible coup.

See, Mitch? I'm an equal opportunity propaganda spewer! (Oooh, look at that last sentence. Three liberal buzzwords in a row!)

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