See, this is what happens when two nerds get married and have little boys.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What do you do when it's 3:08 in the morning and you're not convinced that your baby's REALLY asleep?

You blog!
Have you guys ever read Mental Floss? Apparently they're a magazine too, but I've only ever seen there website. The tagline is "Where knowledge junkies get their fix". FUN FUN website.
James helped me clean the house tonight. It looks very nice.
Walmart has a scent of candle I've never seen before. It's called Mandarin Cranberry (or is it Cranberry Mandarin??). It's very nice-- a kind of clean winter Christmas smell. Think of how your kitchen smells when you just finished cleaning after baking Christmas goodies. You know, that kinda uber-clean cookie-y smell. Something like that.
I doubt I'm making any sense, but hey, at least I'm awake!
And now I'm going to bed.

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