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Monday, November 06, 2006

Update Part II

Hmmm. I had a whole bunch of things planned for these updates, but a full night of sleep (!) and breakfast (!!) seem to have driven them out of my mind. No, Will didn't sleep throught the night, but he now goes 6-8 hours between feedings at night. The trick is getting him to go to sleep after the first night-time feeding. Still though, I think I got 7 or 8 hours of sleep last night. LOVELY.
James blessed Will in church yesterday. It was wonderful-- Will just grinned the whole time, and I don't remember any of the other babies in the chapel crying. The first thing out of James' mouth had to do with "inquisitiveness and understanding"-- definitely James' baby.
Is anybody sick of Willex updates? I hope not; he's fun to write about. But anyway, James and I have stuff too, so here goes.
James is going to start grad school in January. He was taking a class this semester before the whole meth lab fiasco, but.... So he's happily working, and buying a phone for a separate business line (YES!!). He's also ogling digital SLR cameras. His favorite thus far is the Sony a100-- which costs $750!
I have two goals: Learn to cook dinner on a regular basis (WAY harder than you'd think with a baby), and lose my Will-pudge by December, when my sister may or may not be getting married... Ack! Will calls. Gotta go!

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