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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sorry, sorry

Hey, Will is two and a half months old, and I'm not superwoman, so it's okay that I haven't updated in forever, right?
Okay, sorry:(
Anyway, this is going to be a multi-part update, so here's part one.
William Alexander Stevenson will be officially blessed with that very professional-sounding name tomorrow at 1:00. But you can't call him that all the time. The only person I can think of who actually calls him William is my grandmother. So here are all his other names (as James said, "We give you a name because you need a better one than the ones you get called now!"):
(The) Willex
Wilson (ala WILSOOOOONNNN!!! from "Cast Away")
and The Plug-inator

I realize that these are going to take explanation. First I will begin by stating that all of the except The Plug-inator are my Dad's invention. Blackjack is the most recent-- Dad figures, hey he was born on the 21st, so why not? The rest are fairly self-explanatory, except The Plug-inator.
That was James' idea. Will is ardently fond of his pacifier. We can't quite bring ourselves to call his pacifier a binkie for some reason, so it has become, rather pragmatically, The Plug. James and I even came up with the following (it needs work, but we thought it was funny):
One Plug to rule the Will
One Mom to find it
One Dad to bring it in
And in the Willex plug it

Tolkein had no idea.

Anyway, that's it for tonight. Will is sleeping (YES!!!), so there'll be more updates tomorrow, including pictures. 'Night!

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