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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving pictures

I'll let Denise fill in this weekend's details later, but here are some pictures in the meantime.

First, there's a brownie batter mix fight between Amanda and Adam (who are now officially getting married on Dec 22nd). It looks like Amanda lost.

Our camera has burst mode, so Denise just sat back and took a gazillion pictures -- about one a second with the flash. We now have a flipbook of the Great Brownie War of 2006, as well as about 60 photos of me drinking milk and her Mom doing dishes. This is what her Mom has to say about it:

We have a whole series of pictures of the tree going up, but it would take a lot of space, so here's just the finished product. For those who might be interested... it's a long 30 sec exposure with all the house lights off.

Adam took a cool 2 sec exposure of a nightlight:

We enjoyed being able to take pictures of Will using our new camera -- the flash is smart enough to not blind/redeye/washout his entire face.

There's also a couple neato photos of the roaring fire:

Blogger doesn't let me put the full 10 megapixel glory online, so here's an enlarged section of the image to give you an idea how much detail there is in these photos (click to expand). Blogger also compresses the images pretty bad, so there's a LOT more clarity in the original (email me, and I'll send you the whole original file :D). There are so many possible pictures in here with a bit of creative cropping!

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Anonymous said...

BROWNIE WARS- yea for brownie wars. Thanks for postin those pictures. We had fun looking at them. Good memories. We'll see you again soon. The 16th- you'll be there right??