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Monday, December 18, 2006


I was just looking at Cara's blog, and through various linkages (thanks Ashley!) found the Which American Accent do You Have? quiz.

Ah! A quiz after my own heart:). It's actually fairly accurate from a linguistics point of view, although I'm anxious to put in a full blown Utah accent, and see what it comes up with. A Utah accent is a completely different beast, as Utah was settled heavily by western European immigrants. Hence things like 'feel' sounding like 'fill', and 'fill' sounding... well, not like your normal English, but 'fell' is as close as I can get. We actually discussed this in one of my linguistics classes-- turns out that the stereotypical Utah accent is composed of vowel lowering, where some/most vowels become the next lowest, physiological speaking. We didn't even get into calling spaghetti 'eye-talian' food. That, my friends, is a whole 'nother post (as is the evolution of the pronunciation "'nother").

I started reading Wheelock's Latin today. Serious nerdiness, but Willex calls. Besides, who but me really wants to know that I'm reading Wheelock's?

word of the day: loquacious. As in: this post is overly loquacious:)

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Anonymous said...

Loquacious has something to do with being talkative or using a lot of words, yes? I saw it in a book I'm reading and lo and behold it shows up as word of the day on your blog. Small world. Of course, it's an old post...oh well, no new word of the days since.

Don't feel nerdy about the Latin, I started reading through it too...three years ago. I haven't really picked it up since. But I really need to if I'm going to teach it to my girls. *sigh* Too much to do.