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Sunday, December 31, 2006

We've had lots of exciting events recently; Denise's sister Amanda was married last week, and our friends Rob & Kathryn had their baby boy this week. So, I've been taking a lot of pictures. I took about 4GB of photos (RAW format, about 400 photos) at the reception last night. It's difficult to do good candids though; poor uncontrolled lighting, people moving, etc. I would eventually like a 50mm f1.7 lens; there's no zoom, but they're amazing in lower light, do a great job with the blurred background that makes portraits great, and pretty cheap as far as lenses go. But until then, I turn up the ISO to 800 and put up with a lot of noise. Here's a few from this week:

Lichfield Family

Adam & Amanda Walsh Wedding

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