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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I've submitted an editorial. To Mugglenet. About Harry Potter.

Seriously, don't laugh! Anyone who knows me well knows how much I like Harry Potter. I was reading along the other day, and I had a pretty good idea... so I wrote it down. And edited and revised and got James to read it and revised some more. And by then the crazy thing was publishable (and over 1200 words long)... so yeah. I win on the nerdality scale. I'll let you guys know if it gets posted... and if it doesn't, well, that's what blogs are for!
It's nice to write again. Beyond this blog, I mean. I used to write fairly often, for all sorts of different reasons, and it's nice to write something that requires a little bit of critical reasoning.

Yes, I already know I'm a nerd.

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Mrs. Brooke said...

I didn't laugh until you told me not to laugh. I give you...props, I suppose. I don't have the guts to submit anything I've written to anyone. Good luck.